John, 37 years old, manager for 7 years in the technical department of an industrial ...


John, 37 years old, manager for 7 years in the technical department of an industrial maintenance company, has just been promoted to technical director of this company of 250 employees following the sudden departure of its manager and joins for the first time the Executive committee (ExCom).

He had previously managed only his team of 10 engineers and will now be responsible for operational performance of more than 150 technical field agents and his engineering group.


The performance of his new group is not satisfactory – ExCom asks him to make productivity gains of 25% in 1 year and improve customer satisfaction from 60% to 80% within 2 years. A big gap!!!

John’s promotion is a big leap because he never had a vision of the overall challenges and has mainly worked with autonomous and expert engineers.

John is a sharp engineer with very little knowledge and practice of change management methods and has little experience in internal negotiations  with other members of the  ExCom to support his transformational projects.

The “Becoming  Leader”   Solution

With “Becoming Leader”, we accompany John to help him meet his new challenge with confidence.

Although he is an experienced manager, however he still needs better organizational change skills and process and human transformation tools to meet his challenges.

  • By following our “self” module, he will open up to his own human needs and his strengths/leadership opportunities to better manage them and put in place the appropriate ways of working to better manage the pressure to come.
  • Then with the “Team” module, we will help him take a step forward in managing this new team and adapt his leadership style to find the right balance between performance management and accountability – team autonomy for future changes.
  • Finally, the “Organizational” module will enable him to understand how to work with all internal and external partners who will need to support him to achieve his goals. He will learn how to make a good transformational diagnosis and help his teams take ownership of it. He will understand how to create membership in his project with the ExCom but also at the operational managerial levels. He will learn the modern working methods of performance management and project management to create transparency, increase the detection of problems and help solve them.
  • Between each module, we will accompany him on the ground at his request to give him practical support during his integration phase in his new role and the implementation of his transformational project with confidence. We will help him think, structure and act where it will make the most impact for him and his teams and stay at his disposal as long as necessary to make a difference.

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