Individual coaching
You are a team leader or in the process of becoming one. You have clearly identified your development and performance objectives.
4 months Leadership development program
A holistic program that works at three levels: individual, team and organizational.
A 3-month or 6-month team support solution
Self-knowledge, emotion management, conflict management, feedback, coaching, performance management, change management are part of the skills of the Become a Leader team.

The Becoming Leader team helps leaders to grow and make their teams and organisations grow as well.

Becoming a  Leader is happening step by step through tailor-made training and coaching. Becoming Leader offers a leadership development experience exploring three different levels of the organisation: the individual level, the team level and the organisation level.

Becoming Leader goes beyond basic training because the Becoming Leader team accompanies leaders in their field and in their organisational contexts with the aim of truly anchoring the best practices of each of the leaders it accompanies in order to make it possible to achieve performance.

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1° Expertise
A team of 4 professionals experienced in management, leadership, training and coaching.
2° Holistic
Exploration of three levels of the organisation : self, team and organisation.
3° Tailor-made
Personalised support for the implementation of best practices in the field specific to each individual.

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Are you looking for a professional development program, leadership training, individual or group coaching, tailor-made workshops, thematic conferences?

4° Support
Numerous and enriching experience sharing and the support of the group in the development of each individual.
5° Challenge
Challenging you is an ingredient of our programs
6° Commitment
The key to your success.

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Becoming Leader

Our leadership expertise

The Becoming Leader team puts its expertise at the service of leadership development. The goal is to develop the potential of leaders as well as that of their teams and organizations.


Stress management

Knowing how to recognize different stress reactions and learn to manage them at home and in others contributes to the exercise of full leadership.


Conflict management

How to manage conflicts in companies? What to do if the conflict for a technical, ethical or even people involved reason seems insoluble?


Performance Management

What are the key elements to put in place to manage performance? How to maximize a good understanding of the objectives to be achieved?

Your sector
Whether in the public sector, pharmaceuticals or even in finance, we can help you develop your leadership.Discover more
Our clients
Public company, NGO, Start-up, SME, university or simply an individual? We have the program that suits your needs.Discover more
Becoming Leader

Your leadership challenges are known

Getting to know yourself, getting to know your employees, giving feedback, managing conflicts, defining objectives, managing change and leading your teams towards performance are some of the many challenges that every leader faces on a daily basis.


Learn to manage your emotions

What do we need when we are faced with these reactions at home or with our employees? How to react in the best way possible to these situations?


Developing motivation and commitment

The challenges of motivation and commitment to work are unavoidable. We have to give meaning, a reason to work that revolves around values and a strong societal commitment.


Empowering one’s team

A leader is the guide of a team often made up of people capable of many things and with many skills and experiences.

Our leaders in the making!

Case studies

The “Becoming Leader” team has already helped many companies and leaders-in-the-making through its various coaching, mentoring and conference programs. Discover our case studies.

Igniting collective performance
Improving interpersonal relationships
Becoming Leader

Strong leadership themes

Parce que le leadership s’apprend et se déploie au quotidien pour le bien-être et la performance du leader, de son équipe et de son organisation.

Becoming leader

Dare to delegate


The work overload must be analyzed and can be remedied by several possible means.

Becoming leader



The inventory of personalities, assertiveness and adaptability, the neuro-cognitive and behavioral approach.

Becoming leader

Managing change


How to manage change, approach it and avoid stressful and self-sabotaging behavior?

Our experts

A team of 4 catalysts of your potential as experienced leaders will accompany you throughout this comprehensive program, cumulating 75 years of experience in management and leadership.

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