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Developing a climate of trust and collaboration within your team

Leadership challenges

Developing a climate of trust and collaboration within your team.

Wouldn’t we say that trust and collaboration are the Holy Grail of any leader? How to access them?

A leader finds that the levels of exchange in his team are very poor in quantity and quality. It seems that this obvious lack of exchange is detrimental to the quality of the group’s work and its commitment as well as to the trust of the different team members towards each other. As a result, there is little collaboration between collaborators and communication is poor. The employees in their own development and the motivation of the group decrease. How to tackle the problem?

In a team, the members do not seem to communicate with each other and exchange on their problems in order to help each other. The team leader perceives that this is a hindrance to the fluidity and efficiency of teamwork. Employees do not seem to be completely autonomous on their own or interdependent with each other. The leader is the person to whom teammates turn in order to find solutions to all their problems. How can this situation be changed?

In another team, the opinions of some are not welcomed in the best possible way by others. Some feel judged or even mocked and no longer feel the urge to share their opinion whereas some express their disagreements in an automatic and reactive manner. The leader also hears rumours within the team that are expressed about one another. He understands that this is a sign that the team is in a state of conflict and non-commitment and that something must be done about it.

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A climate of trust and collaboration cannot be decreed. It is the leader’s responsibility to develop the right mindset and a range of behaviours conducive to exchanges, mutual support and welcoming each team member in order to achieve high levels of trust and collaboration.

At Become a Leader, we train in best practices in this area. We know that to reach the Grail, it requires consistency, perseverance and also courage.

It requires, for example, new communication practices at the individual level. It also requires new practices in team management as well as in conflict management and leadership styles.

At the organizational level, is the team aligned with your vision? Does it know it? And what are the daily actions that will bring you closer to the concrete implementation of your vision? Which indicators should be used?

At Become a Leader, we have opted for an integrated development program that puts all the skills of a leader into perspective with great clarity.

A leader’s actions are part of a long-term vision. The leader’s state of mind and behaviors are a daily affair in order to develop a climate of trust and collaboration within a team.

At Become a Leader, we train in these skills, states of mind and competencies and we facilitate their implementation in the field through individualized coaching. The Devenez Leader team, with 75 years of experience in the corporate world, is committed to helping leaders develop their full leadership potential.

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The challenges of leadership

Become leader together!

We address this issue through different types of service solutions that we present here.

We propose four types of service offerings:

  • The complete solution for developing your leadership where we address these issues of stress and emotion management behaviors.
  • Individual coaching where the participant works with one of our coaches,
  • Team coaching if these issues are part of a team problem with the help of a professional coach specialized in group coaching,
  • A specific thematic workshop specifically adapted to your needs.
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