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Building your leadership development plan

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Building your leadership development plan.

A professional development plan? What is it and what is it for?

“There is no favourable wind for one who does not know where to go. “Seneca

A development plan is the roadmap for your professional development. A professional development plan allows everyone to self-assess in terms of their abilities and skills where they are today. This plan also allows us to express what we want to achieve, i.e. our ultimate goal of leadership development.

This plan allows us to record the next steps in our leadership development and to refer to them in order to measure the achievement of our development objectives.

At Become a Leader, throughout the leadership development journey, we help our participants discover many of their behaviours and resources. Participants also discover the behaviors and states of mind that, on the contrary, do not allow them to develop their full potential or are a hindrance to it.

At Become a Leader, we also equip our participants with a number of tools necessary for team management and development. Our participants also learn to know and put in place the performance levers and the behaviors and mindsets necessary to implement these levers.

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At Become a Leader, we want to make a real difference in our leadership development program. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that our participants apply new practices on a daily basis and implement new mindsets and behaviors.

To do this, our philosophy is to accompany leaders on the path of change individually outside the collective sessions.

This is why, throughout the development process, the participants build their development plan and take action in the field to build their leadership.

We really want to make a difference for our participants throughout these three months: learning, understanding, implementing what they have learned and acting differently in the field to anchor their leadership.

They are accompanied by individual coaching and also on their own professional terrain through observations in order to implement the acquired knowledge and anchor their new leadership habits. We also offer a one-day workshop at the end of the course if they wish to discuss a particular theme with their team. This development plan is used as a reference point throughout the leadership development process.

At Become a Leader, we train in the acquisition and deployment of skills and we facilitate the implementation in the field of your new leadership tools and behaviors.

The Devenez Leader team, with 75 years of experience in the corporate world, is committed to equipping leaders with the right tools and helping them adapt these tools to their professional  context.

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