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Motivation and Engagement

It is through our determination, motivation and commitment that we grow…

The greatest glory is not to never fall down
But to get up with each fall


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Motivation and Commitment, what's the difference?

Allow us to surf on the quote from Confucius to make an analogy to explain the notions of motivation and commitment. Let’s take the example of an experience we have all had in life: learning to walk.

Our goal is to be able to move around, explore new horizons and broaden our perspectives. To this end we will gradually discover that standing and walking provide the opportunity for further exploration. We therefore (unconsciously) have a goal, a motivation that will gradually push us to learn to balance on our feet, and then to walk…

Motivation is the key ingredient that makes us want to start something.

This motivation can be stimulated internally (our desires to explore) and externally (stimulations via signs of encouragement and recognition of the environment).

However, you, like me, know that to acquire walking, we have mostly experienced falls. We all could have given up the idea of walking after a few falls, convinced that we would never make it…. And yet…. Our commitment, our will to succeed, pushes us to start again and again. Commitment is what keeps us going and keeps us moving forward; despite the obstacles and problems. Our involvement in this will to get there will also be stimulated internally (according to our desires and motivation) as well as externally (by the signs of recognition that will influence our behavior).

Motivation is that “trigger” that gives us the desire and the strength to start;

Commitment is this energy, this “engine” that drives us to go all the way to success.

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Challenges / challenges of building a team

In terms of motivation and commitment, in the context of leadership, the challenges are multiple.

And they start with ourselves.

What are my motivations as a leader? What drives me, stimulates me to be a leader for myself, and also for others? What are the elements that nourish me, my drivers and what are my beliefs and self-beliefs that will potentially come to have a rather negative influence on my motivation?

What is my leadership commitment? What will I rely on in case of doubt or problems? What are my drivers that will push me to question myself and adapt to lead myself and my team to success?

Taking the time to answer these questions is to get to know yourself a little better and to increase your confidence in your leadership,

Because beyond my own questioning, as a leader in a team (whether I am the leader or a teammate), questions also arise in relation to my collaborators.

How can I motivate each member of the team? Do we all have the same motivation factors? How can I get to know each person and be able to find their motivational keys?

And when I have found these keys, when I manage to use them, how do I put in place mechanisms to stimulate their commitment, to give them the desire to surpass themselves and to get up again even after multiple falls or desillusions? What are the factors that fuel the engine of each of my employees? Do they all have the same mechanics?

Taking the time to answer these questions means getting to know your employees and then allowing you to adapt your leadership style to each employee.

Many studies have shown a positive correlation between commitment and performance; as well as the negative consequences of a lack of motivation at work, both on the well-being aspect and on the costs of absenteeism. More and more companies and organizations in all sectors of activity are working to identify the factors that motivate people at work and are putting employee commitment and well-being at the center of their strategy.

The Becoming Leader team approaches this theme with various possibilities including :

  • An exploration of your motivations during individual coaching sessions
  • Support for you and your team in workshops and follow-up coaching on the theme of commitment and well-being at work (based on your commitment results)
  • A leadership development path during which we take the time to explore your motivation keys, your drivers of engagement and we learn which tools will allow you to explore the factors that motivate and engage your employees. During the individualized coaching provided during the program, you will have the freedom to truly explore its concepts and identify the actions to be implemented.
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