Dominique, 32, has been a production supervisor in the pharmaceutical industry for 2 years...


Dominique, 32, has been a production supervisor in the pharmaceutical industry for 2 years. He manages a team of 30 employees.

With good technical experience and a better sense than other supervisors for team management, he regularly has good performances and a team relatively committed compared to his colleagues.

However, dialogue remains difficult with a highly unionized group that he can no longer motivate beyond current performances.


A consulting firm has been working on a full diagnosis in production. Although they confirm that Dominique’s team is one of the best, they also note that they remain 30% below the required levels of quality and productivity. Management is raising the bar because sales are taking off and the company is no longer able to meet the market demands.

Dominique does not know how to deal with the challenge. His pep-talks are no longer doing anything anymore and the demands of the management have even less effect.

The “Becoming Leader” solution

With “Becoming Leader”, we support Dominique to tackle his new challenge with confidence.

As a young supervisor with a rather good leadership attitude, however, he needs to understand how to personally evolve and spark the flame in his team.

  • By following our “self” module, he will understand his own strengths/leadership opportunities to better use them and know how to engage others through a different dialogue and a suitable mode of action. He will understand what he doesn’t know how to do and how to find the right supports in his team.
  • Then with the “Team” module, we will enable him to better analyze his team. He will find relays in his teams and build an engagement strategy. He will know how to touch the emotions and sensibilities of each, while keeping the “fire” burning on a daily basis.
  • Finally, the “Organization” module will enable him to understand how to work with his team towards a good transformative diagnosis and integrate tools and working methods that will create transparency, commitment and motivation for all.
  • Between each module, we will accompany him on the ground at his request to help him find the keys to his team’s commitment. We will help him to think and structure and to remove the fear of acting in a spirit of continuous improvement and we will help him grow with his teammates.

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