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« The tricky balancing act of mentoring someone is about not trying to create him/her in your image, but giving him/her the possibility to create himself/herself »

Steven Spielberg

What if mentoring was one of the solutions to accelerating leadership development?

What is mentoring, what is a mentor?

If we look at what the internet is telling us today about mentoring, we find:

Mentoring (mentoring in English) refers to a supportive interpersonal relationship, a relationship of help, exchange and learning, in which an experienced person, the mentor, offers his or her acquired wisdom and expertise in order to foster the development of another person, the mentee, who has skills or knowledge to acquire and professional goals to achieve.

In short, a mentoring relationship is a supportive relationship in which a person, with his or her experience and insight, listens, advises, and counsels another person.

  • We all have mentors in our lives, reference people to whom we turn to for advice, guidance, help or anything else.
  • We have reference persons in our personal lives, in our social lives, in our professional lives, etc …
  • We also refer to certain personalities who inspire us, and we certainly sometimes, in certain circumstances, try to put these inspiring people in our place, asking ourselves what they would say, do, think.

We all have multiple mentors….

So why formalize such a relationship as part of leadership development?

  • Because becoming the leader of a team, within an organization, is a path strewn with questions, pitfalls, uncertainties; and having one or the other person to turn to certainly helps.
  • Because even if we know about self-sabotaging mechanisms and about drivers, having someone to listen and who can guide us with his or her experience is reassuring.
  • Because even though we have  been trained on how to communicate, how to manage performance or even how to manage conflicts, having someone who will give us his/her tips, tricks and also tell us about his/her mistakes will significantly boost our audacity.
  • Because even with a few years or many years of experience, we always have those moments when doubt creeps in and the benevolent gaze of the other person, our mentor, allows us to take a step back.
  • Because when facing a business transformation, or a reorganization, there are suddenly so many elements to manage and take into consideration that a reference person can simply be a pillar on which the leader can lean and rely.

Do you want to know more about our services and our professionals?

A mentor is a benevolent person who listens, shares ideas and points of view with a view to providing advice, and above all leaves the mentee free to find his or her own practices and ways of approaching things. The mentor creates a space and environmental conditions in which the mentee feels confident, safe, listened to and understood.

The role of mentoring is not to shape the person in the image of the mentor, but to create the environment so that the mentee can fully reveal himself or herself.

“Becoming Leader” is a team of experts who have experienced leadership in various companies and organizations. They are above all passionate about developing people in their own leadership style.

Setting out boldly on a mentoring path with one of our team members means indulging in the opportunity to share moments of best practice exchange and advice, getting a different perspective on leadership approaches and styles or seeking inspiration through various experiences.

Through mentoring, it becomes possible to overcome doubts and fears, to find ways to cope with stress and pressure, to regain energy in difficult moments, to exchange on issues that prevent you from achieving excellence, to feel less “alone” in your questioning.

With the Mentoring solution of Becoming Leader, we help you grow your leadership skills through personalized mentoring.

We offer:

  • A  mentoring program of 3 to 6 months, with various exchanges, based on the person’s needs and available in various formats: such as face-to-face meetings, phone calls, video-conferences, etc…
  • The accompaniment can be modulated according to the diagnosis and the problem and can take a form that will mix mentoring with coaching, consulting, or even personalized training with proper tools.
  • The price of the support varies according to the duration of mentoring envisaged.
  • It is necessary to count approximately 1500 euro excluding VAT for 3 months of mentoring.
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