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The image of leader and leadership is often associated with multinationals and managers of large teams. This is only part of the equation. Indeed, our world is changing and so is the way we work and interact with others.

We are increasingly working independently and cross-functionally. We are multiplying small projects and the most diverse collaborations.

In these situations, we are asked to take our place in a project very quickly, to demonstrate our qualities as visionary and strategist and to motivate the people involved in the project.

Acquiring and developing leadership skills is invaluable when you want to move these types of associations forward.

The challenges for a single person, not necessarily having hierarchical links with the other stakeholders, are huge in this type of collaboration. It’s a question of motivating others while not being overly prescriptive, of finding the right balance between what you have to do yourself and what can be delegated, trusting the right people, keeping an eye on the schedule while managing the imponderable, defusing possible conflicts, preventing crises from blowing up…

Do you want to know more about our services and our professionals?

At Becoming Leader, we coach individuals and help them professionalize their leadership practices. We show them how to define their mission, cascade their objectives, and supervise them. We also teach them how to galvanize and manage their teams as well as how to monitor the performance. Finally, we encourage them to use a simple, human and effective language with the people involved in their projects.

You don’t have a team as such? You are independent and interact with others at many levels? We help you develop your full leadership potential through a wide range of services.

We offer you our leadership development training path, a unique and innovative training where you will also be accompanied in the field where you interact to implement your skills. We can also accompany you through individual coaching or team coaching. You can also opt for our thematic solutions or our long-term coaching. Feel free to leave us your questions and contact information. Whatever your challenge, we may have a solution.


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