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Become a leader in the financial sector

In this sector, the professions require a great deal of attention to detail and organization. Working hours are spent on extensive analysis, risk management and regular reporting. A point of honor is to respect the processes. This is an integral part of daily work.

The monthly, quarterly or annual production of “figures” is the visible part of the financials’ work that depends on a good number of actors and processes for which finance is the guardian.

This is the source of many difficulties.

Finance, as the support department in a company, is very much focused on the production of figures and analytical work. It often happens that in front of so much “brain power”, the human aspect and especially its development are left aside.

The focus is mainly on the task and not on the relationships between individuals in the team and between the leader and his teammates.

Developing a better knowledge of one’s teammates and the leadership styles adapted to each of them through our leadership development program allows to develop a better relationship and a better connection with each of them.

Budgeting and financial processes are often experienced as tedious for the rest of the organization and generate a lot of resistance and negative energy.

  • How can you overcome this resistance and encourage your internal contacts to collaborate with you?
  • Do you know how to listen?
  • Can you somehow coach your contacts and accompany them through the process?

Knowing how to listen and provide help by accompanying your internal clients is an expertise that we address during the leadership development program. We can also address it through themed workshops.

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The mindset of financial departments can also be a hurdle to its influence. Focusing on producing figures, publishing reports, paying attention to details, following processes: these are daily, monthly or annual routines that are well-established work habits. These are all habits that do not make people curious about their surroundings and, above all, about their business for which they are managing finances. So, is the performance of finance aligned with the performance of the business? Are your metrics relevant to the organization in which you operate?

Asking the question of the role of an organization’s finance department in the deployment of its mission is sometimes a question that is never asked. In what way is finance an integral part of the operational deployment of the corporate mission? Is the finance department well aligned with the company’s strategy? Is finance completely involved in the deployment of the corporate vision? How can this be ensured? At Become a Leader, this expertise is deployed either through medium and long-term support within your company or through an organizational transformation service. Our leadership development program addresses individual, collective and organizational issues, allowing you to align all your energies with your company’s mission.

It is critical for finance to develop the ability to understand the business it serves and its business imperatives. Asking exclusively for 1 or even 2 years return on investment when the business imperatives cannot go less than 5 years is not conducive to the smooth running of the organization. These are clearly opposing forces.

At Become a Leader, we address the issue of the operational deployment of the corporate vision and its translation into actions and performance indicators at all levels. The leader can learn to develop this expertise through the leadership development program but also through more or less long-term coaching or thematic workshops.

From the previous point, it is also clear that financial imperatives often conflict with business imperatives. This results in major conflicts. Are you familiar with the different techniques of conflict resolution? Do you know the best one to use in the situations you are dealing with so that you don’t get into an endless arm wrestling match? This is also an expertise that we deploy in our leadership development program or in our personalized coaching on a more or less long term basis.

The solutions brought to your daily leadership challenges are numerous and proposed by a range of services adapted to your needs. Feel free to leave us your email address here for any contact request.

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