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Empowering one’s team

Leadership challenges

Empowering one’s team

A leader is the guide of a team often composed of people capable of many things and with many skills and experiences. Sometimes he or she may feel like the parent of the team, the one who is asked for permission.

He/She is also the one to whom we come to settle disputes within the team. How can we get out of this cycle and these behaviors and ensure that our collaborators become autonomous and responsible for their problems in a collaborative manner?

A team is rarely homogeneous.  For example, a leader may have in his/her team a few more senior people with a lot of experience. The team may also be composed of more junior people who need to be guided differently from seniors.

Any leader may feel limited in his or her toolbox. And he/she has the intuition that in order to bring each of his/her collaborators towards autonomy and responsibility, he/she needs to develop different approaches.

How can he/she adapt to each person and make sure to develop each of them in the most appropriate way ? What skills should he/she develop as a leader?  How can he/she understand what his/her collaborators or teammates need?

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A leader may also wonder about how clearly he/she has defined his/her team’s mission. He/She might then decide to observe how his/her team works and by cascade effect come to realize that the mission has to be clarified and all the perimeters of each of his/her team members have to be redefined.

The leader might also deem it relevant to review his/her expectations with regard to each one as well as to the collective project.

Building a responsible and autonomous team is/should be another grail for any self-respecting leader.

Developing responsible employees means developing employees who neither behave like victims nor refuse to assume the consequences of their actions. The leader’s role should hence be to teach them how to take responsibility for all the consequences of their choices and actions.

Autonomous employees ought to be capable of making decisions on their own without depending on external influences.

It is therefore the leader’s responsibility to help his/her employees grow in their ability to think and make choices and to carry out the mission that is theirs. At Becoming Leader, we train you in the best knowledge and techniques to meet your needs for developing the autonomy of your employees and their accountability.

We train you in the different leadership styles. We train you in the different phases of team building and explain, for each of these different phases, the skills to be developed.

At Becoming Leader, during the workshop days, we train you in these different skills such as coaching a collaborator, learning how to delegate, learning how to resolve a conflict. We also train you in effective problem solving.

We lift the veil on the levers necessary to strengthen a team and to create a collective. And we help you put in place in the field what will make the difference for each leader.

At Becoming Leader, we train in these skills and states of mind to help leaders develop their full potential.

The Becoming Leader team, with 75 years of experience in business, supports leaders in the field to accelerate their learning and transformation.

Our services

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The challenges of leadership

Become leader together!

We introduce leaders to all of the above techniques through different types of service offerings.

We offer four types of service :

  • The complete leadership development solution where we develop the tools and mindset necessary to develop the autonomy and accountability of your employees.
  • Individual coaching where the participant works with a coach to implement changes in the field,
  • Team coaching if these issues are part of a team problem accompanied by a professional coach who is an expert in team coaching,
  • A specific thematic workshop specifically adapted to the needs.
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