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Managing team dynamics

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Managing team dynamics

The main researchers who have worked on group phenomena have paid little attention to the etymology of the word “team”. Professor Robert Lafon was the first to take an interest in it. In an article published in 1962, he evoked the etymology of the word: “Equipe” comes from the old French esquif, which originally designated a series of barges attached to each other and pulled by men or horses, pending the era of tugboats.

Is it the image of boatmen pulling on the same rope or that of boats tied together? In any case, there was once talk of a team of workers working together to carry out a common work (…)”.

To “carry out a common work” is the team’s characteristic.

One of the major challenges as a team leader is to create this team in which the sum of the individualities will give an even greater result in the realization of the common work. There are many challenges on the road in terms of team dynamics.

Let’s first take a look at the role of leader. What is his or her role within a team? What is his or her “position”? How to create a positive and virtuous dynamic? Self-knowledge and leadership styles are key elements that determine the impact of one’s own aura on the team, its dynamics and its impact.

Managing the dynamics of a team starts by knowing and managing its own dynamics; in awareness, by taming its drivers and its self-sabotaging behaviors.

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The team is a group of individuals who come together in order to achieve a common work and common goals. However, each individual comes within this collective with his own vision of things and the world, his own expectations, his desires and doubts. In the course of the team’s life, these individual needs will sometimes find themselves in adequacy, sometimes in opposition, or in any other possible way. The team dynamic can then be affected through the emergence of tensions. Managing conflicts, managing the energy and resilience of each employee are also challenges for the manager.

Beyond self-knowledge, the leader will also get to know his employees in order to understand even better who they are, what motivates them, their expectations, etc. This knowledge allows the leadership style to be adapted and to work on the empowerment and responsibility of each individual for the benefit of the team. Ensuring that individual talents serve common objectives and that each person can, at his or her level and according to his or her skills, contribute to the team is also one of the team leader’s missions.

The team leader is not the only person in charge; he or she is one of the stakeholders.

In order to ensure that everyone and the group progress towards a positive and impactful dynamic, we cannot overlook the importance of feedback: knowing how to give and receive feedback.

Managing team dynamics could stop at this level, and yet stakeholders around the team, the strategic direction of the organization implementation of collectively defined values, organizational evolutions or changes of any kind will, far or near, have an impact on the team dynamics. Each change ‘rocks’ the team boat and there is also a role for the leader in terms of ‘captain’ to keep the team on course and ensure that each employee finds his or her ‘new balance’ within this new environment.

How do you translate the organization’s strategy for your team? How do we integrate stakeholders? How do we manage change? How can I as a leader ensure that external “events”, with or without direct consequences for the team, are integrated and that the new state of equilibrium and performance is created within the team? These are also the manager’s challenges in managing team dynamics.

The Becoming Leader team, with 75 years of experience in companies, is committed to giving leaders the right tools, helping them make a difference with these tools and enabling them to develop their full leadership potential.

At Becoming Leader, we train you in the acquisition and deployment of skills to manage a team and its virtuous dynamics within organizations and we facilitate the implementation of your new leadership tools and behaviors in the field.

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We approach team dynamics through several types of service offering solutions.

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  • Team coaching if this is a team issue with the help of a professional coach specialized in group- coaching,
  • A specific thematic workshop if it is appropriate.
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