Miriam, 47 years old, is a ``top exec``, member of the board of directors of her company.


Miriam, 47 years old, is a “top exec”, member of the board of directors of her company. She is considered an absolute expert in her field, a key element of her company’s strategy.

Miriam has been managing a team of a dozen executives for years.


Only Miriam never felt comfortable with team management. She tends to manage her various collaborators in one-on-one meetings. Miriam finds it difficult to implement regular team meetings, fearing conflicts and not knowing how to respond to them; not knowing how to manage the different personalities in her group either. She feels that she does not know how to praise her team and communicate on positive progress. Miriam feels that there are blockages in her communication.

The company is restructuring and her team is under the stress of having so much to do with as few resources as possible. Miriam feels some people are unmotivated and disengaged and doesn’t know which path to take to keep her team on track.

The “Becoming  Leader” Solution

With “Becoming Leader”, we accompany Miriam and help her meet her challenges with confidence.

Above all, Miriam needs to develop her leadership skills and learn how to use effective team and performance management tools.

  • By following our Self module, Miriam will get to know herself better, to recognize her blocking points and stress factors. Isabelle will form her own leadership style and develop communication skills appropriate to the situations she encounters.
  • Then, with the Team module, we will also help her take a step forward in managing her team and develop good automatisms for managing a healthy and efficient team. Miriam says above all that she needs tools and that she should take a step back from her professional agenda and the way she organizes herself on a daily basis to manage her team.
  • Finally, the Organizational module is not an area where Miriam had any requests. Nevertheless, it will allow her to understand more quickly the system in which she evolves. It will enable her to understand she should work with all the internal and external partners who will have to support her to achieve her objectives. She will understand how to create buy-in for the projects she supports. She will know the modern working methods of performance management and project management to create transparency, increase the detection of problems and help solve them. Miriam will discover additional influence and performance tools.
  • Between each module, we will accompany her on the field at her request and give her practical support and integrate the different tools into action. We will help her to think, structure and act when the impact will be most important to her and her team and will remain at her disposal as long as necessary to make a difference.

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