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The leader of an asbl, foundation or NGO is a leader at the heart of his/her missions and who operates as close as possible to the field and the clients or partners he/she serves.

His or her objective, which is also a challenge, is to unite his or her team around the social purpose of the non-profit organization, foundation or NGO.

The challenges are multiple for these structures. It is a question of attracting talent, engaging and motivating volunteers, finding external funding, building and developing projects in partnership with potential beneficiaries of  their services, engaging the beneficiaries, monitoring the actions and indicators of their projects.

Collaboration in these often small structures is of the utmost importance. Knowing how to manage conflicts is essential in workspaces that are often cramped or remote.

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Become Leader

At Becoming Leader, we accompany small structures as well and help them to professionalize their leadership practices. We help you define your mission, cascade objectives, and follow them up. We also show you how to galvanize/rally and manage your team members and how to monitor the performance. We  encourage you to speak a simple, human and effective language with your teams.

We help you, as leaders of non-profit organizations, foundations and NGOs, to develop your full leadership potential through a wide range of services.

We offer you our leadership development training path, a unique and innovative training where you will also be accompanied on the field to implement your skills.

We can also accompany you through individual or team coaching. You might also opt for our thematic solutions or long-term coaching. Feel free to leave us your questions and contact information. Whatever the problem, we may have a tailored solution

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