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Developing motivation and commitment

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Developing motivation and commitment

The words ‘motivation’ and ‘commitment’ are increasingly used in organizations. The evolution of the latter at the level of values and meaning creates an awareness of the key importance of the commitment and motivation of each employee.

Even before approaching these challenges from a team leader’s perspective, let’s understand what is behind the words.

Motivation is our willingness to act, to fulfill a goal or a need. Some people distinguish different types of motivation: for fun, for reward, or to avoid a “punishment”, a negative consequence. Motivation is usually stimulated over a given period of time (more or less long depending on the challenges or goals).

Commitment is a deeper bond that will “unite” the employee and his or her organization. Commitment is a real investment by the employee in his/her company, potentially conditioned by the fact that he/she feels good about it, that he/she feels valued, that he/she is proud to work there, etc.

Commitment is a conscious “choice” of the employee towards his/her employer, where motivation is only linked in a relationship to an objective (often defined by the employer towards the employee). Commitment is woven through an alignment with the company’s vision, mission and values.

Every day, every employee of a company, consciously or unconsciously, therefore chooses whether or not to remain committed to their organization, to their employer.

Every day, the team leader first faces his/her own mirror and his/her alignment with his/her motivations and commitment.

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Beyond his or her own questioning, the team leader’s mission is also to manage and stimulate his or her team and therefore juggle with the levels of motivation and commitment of each of his or her collaborators.

There are many challenges to this management. As a team leader, it becomes important to take the time to get to know oneself and each individual. We all function differently. It is the same for our motivational factors. Being able to be attentive, to understand and detect individually what motivates each employee is an important step.

Identifying the individual motivators then enables you to better adapt your leadership style to the various employees, manage your team on a daily basis, give adequate feedback, etc.

In addition to understanding the individual motivators, understanding the elements that stimulate the commitment of each employee is also important. Who are the people who make up the team? What are the important values for each of them?

How can we create a successful team with a group of individuals with sometimes divergent values? Can you imagine yourself for a few moments in the place of a young manager, promoted to team leader?

He/She is faced with a “collection” of individuals and individualities, with diverse and varied keys to motivation and commitment, and his/her first challenge will be to make the sum of the individuals into a high-performance team, such that 1+1=3. Where to start? How to ensure alignment of vision and mission? How to work collectively on team values? How to ensure that everyone, every day, will come to work smiling, happy, motivated and committed? How to (re)act when faced with a disengaged or disillusioned employee? How to reestablish a climate of trust and motivation in a dysfunctional team? How to use collective intelligence in the service of the team’s mission? How to deal with certain employees who feel devalued?

The stakes of motivation and commitment at work are important, especially as companies are increasingly moving towards a raison d’être that is built around its values and its commitment to society. Being a leader equipped to address these challenges and challenges allows you to be better prepared to manage teams.

At Become a Leader, we train you in the acquisition and deployment of these skills and we facilitate the implementation in the field of your new leadership tools and behaviors.


The team at Devenez Leader, with 75 years of experience in companies, is committed to giving leaders the right tools, helping them make a difference in the field with these tools and allowing them to develop their full leadership potential.

The Become a Leader team is experienced in all the tools and processes it passes on to its clients. This learning is also an opportunity to share the team’s experience and that of other participants on the implementation of these tools in the field.

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Several types of service offering solutions are available to develop motivation and commitment.

We propose to solve these problems through:

  • A complete leadership development solution where we develop the entire leader’s toolbox leading to performance,
  • Individual coaching where the participant works with the guidance of an individual coach,
  • Team coaching if this is a team issue with the help of a professional coach specialized in group coaching,
  • A specific thematic workshop if it is appropriate.
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