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University Administrator, Faculty Director, Administrative and Financial Manager, Head of Support Services, Director of High Schools and Colleges, you all manage teams. You all carry out projects.

You have difficulties in hiring your staff. There is a lot of resistance among your ranks. This requires significant change management skills. It also requires you to engage stakeholders in the best way possible.

As a leader in the secondary and higher education sector, you feel that all your teams have the same objectives and that the directions taken seem numerous and not very effective.

Everyone is pulling a little bit on their own. You need to align all your troops towards the same objectives so that the team benefits from your skills, expertise and teaching in the best possible way.

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At Becoming Leader, we support your structures too and help you professionalize your leadership practices. We teach you how to define your mission, set objectives and follow them up. We also teach you how to engage and manage your team(s) and monitor its/their performance. We train you to speak a simple, human and effective language with your teams.

Leaders of Universities, Colleges and Universities, we help you develop your full potential as  leaders through a wide range of services.

We offer you our leadership development training program, a unique and innovative  concept which will also allow you to be accompanied in situ to implement your acquired knowledge.

  • We can also support you through individual or team coaching.
  • You can also opt for our thematic solutions or our long-term assistance.
  • Feel free to leave us your questions and contact information.

Whatever the problem, we certainly have a customized solution.


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