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Becoming Leader

A multidisciplinary team

Our goal is to develop the potential of each generation of leaders to enable them to positively influence their teams and their organization so that together we can best meet the challenges of our world.

The four of us have decided to equip “young” leaders with simple and powerful tools that allow them to respond to all the situations that they may have to manage in their daily life as leaders, whether it be at the relational level or that of their objectives.


We also want them to practice these tools and to accompany them in the immediate and serene implementation of new behaviors and states of mind appropriate to their context. Indeed leadership is learned and deployed on a daily basis for the wellbeing and performance of the leader, his/her team and his/her organization.

Our Becoming Leader programme idea began with the observation that you shouldn’t have to wait until you are over forty to be trained in management or to learn to develop your leadership skills. The average age for a manager position is 36. Studies show that from that point it takes about four years for a first manager position to receive meaningful management or leadership training.

Our experts


From the frustration we felt ourselves, we know for a fact that many leaders keep driving on sight and repeating the same mistakes year after year before getting access to meaningful training. Why suffer so much and risk getting fed up and calling it quits? Twenty to twenty-five percent of leaders abandon their position due to lack of training or coaching.

With seventy-five years of combined professional experience and leadership experience, we wanted to share and pass on our knowledge. We are professionals in the field, coaches, trainers, mentors and consultants.

We help you develop your full potential as leaders through a comprehensive service offering that ranges from simple individual coaching to a complete integrated leadership development program.

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