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Boost your leadership skills one step at a time!


Becoming leader

Learning one day at a time.

A team and its leader may be under-equipped in terms of performance management. They have limited time to tackle this issue, yet they feel the need to evolve and develop their skills in this essential area of leadership.

Business leaders face a lot of resistance from their employees in, for example, periods of organizational transformation. In these periods of change, they are often powerless to manage their emotions and those of their employees. Relationships fester and interpersonal conflicts increase.

It is necessary to react and find solutions to their needs in order to re-create commitment in teams. Sometimes a leader does not know how to take feedback from his N+1’s, nor is he comfortable giving regular feedback to his collaborators, be it to compliment them or to question certain behaviors or actions in a constructive way.

And yet, the only way to progress and improve is through the indispensable and difficult exercise of feedback. These techniques are essential in order to improve individual and collective results.

A leader’s objectives are such that he or she will not be able to achieve them without a change in tools (know-how) or behaviors (interpersonal skills), neither individually nor collectively, for that matter.

With the solution “1-Day workshop” from Becoming Leader, we help leaders grow in skills one day at a time.

Sometimes a leader fails to build trust in his or her team. There are many reasons for this. One reason is that team members do not know each other well and do not share much.

This lack of exchange about each other’s motivations, strengths and areas of greatest vulnerability, de-motivators and allergies is detrimental to the smooth functioning and improved performance of the team.

It may also be very difficult for employees to say things clearly, authentically and respectfully. Emotions take over, resulting in endless personal conflicts and stress. It seems essential that the leader and the team improve their feedback skills and learn to communicate better.

Even if the elements of a team are of high quality, the results of a team can flounder. Is it because of a lack of clear vision? Lack of clarity of purpose? Lack of alignment of roles and responsibilities? Lack of facilitation and visualization of performance? How do you put in place the beginnings of a solution?

The Becoming Leader team offers the possibility of a thematic workshop on the day, organised and facilitated by one or two of our experts, in order to better accompany you on your way to success. Our expertise is multi-faceted and adapted to our specific individual, team or organisational needs.

Do you want to know more about our services and our professionals?

We offer:

  • One day of training adapted to each need,
  • 10% theory and 90% practice: the key is to practice again and again,
  • Supply of adapted didactic material,
  • Professionals in training, coaching, and mentoring,
  • Organizational professionals,
  • A preparation in consultation with the actors in the field for a maximum of results,
  • The possibility of coupling this theme with support in the implementation of field actions.

Offer ” 1-day workshop”

  • 1 thematic day without accompaniment.
  • From 2.500 EUR excl. VAT
  • Includes preparation, training day, training material.

Depending on the theme and the size of the group, we use more than one trainer.

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