Anna, 44, is the European Marketing Director for a large IT company...


Anna, 44, is the European Marketing Director for a large IT company based in Silicon Valley in the USA, where she has been for the past 2 years. She is based in Europe and with a team of 3 persons spread over the European capitals, she is in charge of business development for the whole of Europe. She is responsible for lead generation, lead qualification and all sales actions related to leads. Her largest markets are France, the United Kingdom and Germany. She attends the European Management Committee every week and has targets to achieve in terms of qualified lead pipeline.

As Marketing Director, she has to manage not only her N-1’s but also her peers. She struggles to get respect from 1 of her N-1s as well as from the sales directors of her 3 largest markets in Europe. Anna also has to fight against her US management who do not understand why she does not simply replicate the strategy developed in the US and is determined to respect the European market differences at all costs. She also has one person missing in her team which means that for almost a year now, Anna has had to do a lot of operational work in addition to building the long-term strategy.


Anna’s N+1 just quit. Until he’s replaced, Anna has to do the interim. This resignation means for Anna an opportunity to move up the hierarchy by becoming Marketing Director for the whole world. However, Anna does not feel confident about her application. The American management was completely renewed six months ago and she is not familiar with the members of the new board. Moreover, her resigning boss was her best sponsor on the new board. Anna feels disoriented and has difficulty defining her priorities between her team, the acquisition of new prospects and the promotion of her candidature to replace her N+1.

The « Becoming Leader » solution

With the complete “Becoming Leader” program, we support Anna becoming the Global Marketing Director her company needs. How? By enabling her to become aware of her strengths and develop them as well as to realize her gaps in management and leadership.

Like a good little soldier, Anna needs to assert herself, to empower herself, to learn to put forward her ideas and to delegate in order to be able to focus on her tasks as a director and drop the operational.

  • By following our self module, Anna will discover her values, her beliefs which hold and limit her. She will also learn to trust herself, to become more assertive, to defend her point of view as well as to mute her self-saboteur propensity.
  • Then with the Team module, we will help Anna to integrate her position as a Director by learning how to delegate, to develop the skills of her team so that her collaborators are more responsible for their tasks as well as more autonomous. We will also teach her how to have difficult conversations with people in her team who are not on the same level and, if necessary, how to make difficult decisions.
  • Finally, the Organizational module will enable her to understand how to work with all the internal and external partners she needs to achieve her goals. Anna will be trained to be able to carry out a transformational diagnosis and to defend it to her N+1s as well as to cascade it to her N-1s. She will also be able to manage the performance of her teams around the world and manage projects taking into account all the parameters.
  • Between each module, we will support Anna on the job to give her the support she needs to put into practice and integrate her new management style and implement her projects with confidence. We will help her to think, structure and act at her own pace so that she can achieve her career goals as well as her business deployment objectives.

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