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We are more than 7 billion human beings on earth and each human being is unique. He is also gifted with thoughts, master of his opinions and ideas. So it seems quite normal that in democratic states not everyone is of the same opinion.

However, it is when you disagree with someone else that disagreements and even conflicts arise.

Especially in companies where power games are played, the official or unofficial hierarchy holds the upper hand.

As the saying goes, order is born out of chaos. We would therefore need conflict to move things forward, to question obsolete processes or to denounce iniquitous laws.

So conflict is something healthy, something positive. It allows everyone to express their opinion, their doubts or their deep disagreement. Once this is done, and as long as the different parties in conflict are willing to move forward, it allows them to explore all avenues, find new options and create new opportunities. A soft music that seems very far from your professional reality? It’s true that there are other types of conflicts.

Those that are latent and waiting for a spark to explode or those that oppose parties that are determined to keep going. Faced with this type of conflict, what can we do? How to manage conflicts in companies?

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Conflict, will you defuse?

As Yuri Gagarin said: “Looking at the land from afar, you realize that it is too small for conflict and just big enough for cooperation. “Would the key to resolving all conflicts be cooperation? Yes and no! It depends on the type of conflict and also on the parties involved. If you, like everyone else, want to find a solution that satisfies everyone, it is a good idea to bring all the people involved together and think about a solution that would suit everyone.

Cooperation: an unavoidable technique in case of conflict? Not always: imagine that you have applied for your dream job and you learn that you are in competition with a colleague. Contacting your opponent and offering to cooperate to get the job is unlikely to be successful.

In this situation, the conflict will continue until one of you gets the coveted job. Competition in this setting is healthy because it allows the recruiter to find the best candidate for the job and allows the candidates to demonstrate their talents and skills for the job.

What happens when the conflict in which you are involved turns out to be dangerous for your physical integrity? In this particular case, the best option is to let it go.

Indeed, it would be counterproductive to expose yourself to danger and for your physical or mental safety, it would be better to move on. is to be done if the conflict for technical, ethical or personal reasons seems insoluble? A practical option in this case is to do nothing except recognize that the conflict for the moment cannot be resolved and let some water flow under the bridge before returning to it? or not!

Finally, there is one way of managing conflict in business that often wins the day: compromise.

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In this case, each of the conflicting parties gives some ground in order to find a solution that allows each of them to go in their own way… for the word compromise itself conveys that each of the parties involved has let go of something to reach a solution. Compromise is convenient to move things forward, though it might be unsatisfactory for the protagonists because no one is totally satisfied with the adopted  solution.

As we have understood, there are different forms of conflict. As a leader, as a team leader, it is impossible not to have them. Learning how to detect and manage them is an integral part of the leadership training offered by our program.

This training allows you, among other things, to get to know yourself as a person, as a team leader and as a strategist thinking about the future development of your department, your company and/or your field of activity.

The added value of the Becoming Leader leadership program is without a doubt the “on the job” coaching which allows your coach or  your mentor to guide you or observe the dynamics of your team and to help you to manage the conflicts you are confronted with while respecting your individuality and that of your team.

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Know that Becoming Leader program is more than just a leadership training. Our team of experts offers a range of services from training to coaching, consulting and mentoring. A project, a special request? We also offer our clients tailor-made programs. Want to know more? Send us an e-mail to [email protected]

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