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Overcoming behaviors that limit the deployment of one’s leadership.

Leadership challenges.

Overcoming behaviors that limit the deployment of one’s leadership.

We all have in mind the image of the leader we would like to be. It could be a former U.S. president, a talk show icon, an innovation genius, or even a VP. we’ve been lucky enough to work with for a few months. If we were asked about the qualities of this ideal leader, we would find dozens of them but not a single flaw would come to mind. This is normal because a leader who inspires us, not only makes us dream but above all makes us want to surpass ourselves. However, deep in ourselves, we fear that we will never be like him or her. How come? What prevents us from becoming the leader we dream of being?

After all, what does a Barack Obama or an Oprah Winfrey have that we don’t? What makes us tell ourselves that what they have accomplished is beyond our reach? Just fantasy? Or that it would take us 100 lives to get there!

What makes us so different is simple: they dared. When you listen to the stories of inspirational leaders, they all have pretty much the same story: they were not predestined to become President of the United States, CEO of an IT company, or talk show hostess. They weren’t born under a lucky star. No, what characterizes them is that at some point in their career they dared. They dared to undertake something that on paper was not a foregone conclusion, but something that was close to their hearts. They took the plunge, they believed in it, and they put all their passion into it to achieve a goal that for some seemed very distant at first.

Does this mean that the key to success in deploying leadership is to dare and have faith ? Not so easy although it’s a good start! Indeed, if you were not born with the “Dare” gene, you must be aware that in order to fulfil your dream it is important to get to know yourself. More specifically, to become aware of your strengths, to recognize your weaknesses and to accept that you have not yet given all of your potential and that this can take time. Once this is done, it is important to start taking stock of all your skills and to start valuing them. This step is crucial because it will allow you to look serenely at your weaknesses, knowing that you don’t have to do it all over again, on the contrary!

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As you can imagine, it is not easy to look at the facets of your personality that you don’t particularly like or that you would prefer to ignore. However, they exist and they often prevent you from becoming what you aspire to. They can take different forms, such as that little voice in your head telling you “You are not capable / You are worthless”. They are also the cause of those stupid actions that put you in impossible situations or non-actions that embarrass you like not sending your application to the job of your dreams.

When you behave this way you become self-saboteurs. This unfortunately happens to most people. Getting to know yourself, allows you to become aware of your self-breakers, to thwart them, even to knock them out for good.

Daring, believing in your dreams and disarming your self-breakers are a good start to get in motion and overcome the behaviors that limit the deployment of our leadership. Afterwards, there is another equally crucial step to activate: putting these 3 keys into practice. This means testing new behaviors, learning to do things differently and above all being good to yourself by accepting that you are in a learning process, that it can take time and by surrounding yourself with the right people to successfully blossom into a confident new person: the leader we want to be!

At Becoming Leader, we train you in the acquisition and deployment of these skills and we facilitate the implementation in the field of your new leadership tools and behaviors.


The Becoming Leader team, with 75 years of experience in the corporate world, is committed to giving leaders the right tools, helping them make a difference in the field with these tools and enabling them to develop their full leadership potential.

The Becoming Leader team has experience with all the tools and processes it passes on to its clients. This learning is also an opportunity to share the team’s experience and that of other participants on the implementation of these tools in the field.

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We address the issue of how to overcome behaviors that limit leadership in several types of service offering solutions. Here are some of them:

  • A complete leadership development training where the participant discovers the toolbox of the successful leader,
  • Individual coaching where the participant works with the guide.
  • Team coaching if the issue is a team issue with the help of a professional coach specialized in group coaching,
  • A specific workshop if it is appropriate.
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