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Public companies and government organizations

Leadership in public companies and government organizations.

As a leader in public companies and government organizations, you feel a permanent tension between political desire and the physical and financial means at your disposal.

There is often a lack of adequacy between the means given and the stated ambition.

In addition, sudden policy shifts cost a lot in terms of staff motivation and commitment. This can result in a chronic lack of motivation of your staff and an equally present difficulty to re-engage your team on the new orientations.

Managing continuous change and its effects on teams is energy-intensive and requires you to be familiar with relevant leadership practices.

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At Becoming Leader, we help you professionalize your leadership practices. We show you how to define your mission, cascade objectives, and follow them up. We also teach you how to engage with and manage your team(s) as well as manage change. We advocate the use of a simple, human and effective language with your teams.

We help you, as leaders of public companies and government organizations, develop your full leadership potential through a wide range of services.

We offer you our leadership development training path, a unique and innovative training program where you will also be accompanied on the job to put your skills into practice. We can also guide you through individual or team coaching. You may also opt for our thematic solutions or long-term coaching. Feel free to leave us your questions and contact information. Whatever the problem, we may have a solution.


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