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Manage a team on a daily basis

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Manage a team on a daily basis

Congratulations: you are in charge of a team and they have accepted you as their manager! Happiness… really? Knowing how to manage a team on a daily basis is far from being a long, quiet river. As in any trip, there are moments of calm, rapids, waterfalls and even rocks hidden underwater that can give a whole new direction to your trip. It is in these moments that a leader not only has the opportunity to prove himself and especially to take his place.

Managing a team at work is a job in itself. The team leader will soon discover that if he wants to manage his team well, he will need to develop his agility to take turns playing different roles such as director, conductor, referee, sports coach or mother hen. However, these different roles are far from being obvious for any manager who is just starting out or for the experienced manager who finds himself managing a new team. Let’s zoom in on each of these roles.

As a director, the person in charge of the team defines the objectives to be reached, informs the deadlines to be met and, above all, distributes to each person the tasks to be accomplished with the expected results. Like any director, he or she is there to observe the members of his or her team, to rehearse with them if necessary and to turn the spotlight on them when it is their turn to present a project or strategy.

It is at this point that his role may change and he will take on the role of conductor. As such, he is the one who checks the progress of the file being handled, aligns the different roles, goes over the work already done and asks for adjustments or pushes his collaborators to go further.

Sometimes, when this stage is reached, he becomes a referee in charge of managing a conflict between members of his team or between his team and colleagues from other departments. This part of the job is far from being the easiest: it requires great listening skills, diplomacy, tact and the ability to negotiate while keeping the overall strategy in mind.

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At other times, the leader becomes a kind of sports coach: he has identified the strengths as well as the points for improvement of his collaborators and he sets up a development plan with them to accompany them. He is aware that it is not easy to learn new skills or to activate hitherto unknown resources.

In difficult times, he is led to deploy his mother hen side to listen, comfort and encourage his teammates to give the best of themselves.

This is just a glimpse of the different roles that a leader who manages a team can take on. In times of globalization or pandemics, an additional difficulty may be added to the leader’s task: that of managing his or her team remotely. It is much more complicated to have the same virtual relationship as when you are 5 days a week in person with your team.

However, there are keys that allow you to continue to maintain the relationship and trust remotely. The first and not the least is to be interested in the other.

How can you do this? By taking the time before or after a virtual meeting to discuss anything and everything with your collaborators.

You can also, depending on your team’s needs, set up new rituals such as a break taken together from a distance or to remind your team members that you are there for them even when they are far away.

At Becoming Leader, we train you in the acquisition and deployment of these skills and we facilitate the implementation in the field of your new leadership tools and behaviors.

The Becoming Leader team, with 75 years of experience in the corporate world, is committed to giving leaders the right tools, helping them make a difference in the field with these tools and enabling them to develop their full leadership potential.

The Becoming Leader team has experience with all the tools and processes it passes on to its clients. This learning is also an opportunity to share the team’s experience and that of other participants on the implementation of these tools in the field.

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We address this issue of managing a team on a daily basis through several types of service offering solutions. Here are some of them:

  • A complete leadership development training where the participant discovers the toolbox of the successful leader,
  • Individual coaching where the participant works with the guidance of an individual coach,
  • Team coaching if the issue is a team issue with the help of a professional coach specialized in group coaching,
  • A specific workshop if it is appropriate.
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