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Individual coaching

Becoming a leader in your organization cannot be improvised. Time and again, a leader’s ability to communicate or that of his peers is challenged by the difficulty of accepting and managing the emotional reactions of his collaborators or interlocutors. A leader can be surprised to overreact and eventually behave in the most inappropriate way to continue to engage his collaborators or interlocutors. It is time for the leader to develop new relational skills.

Growing up in a leadership role requires a great deal of interaction and guidance from the people you work with. This requires (relentlessly) being involved in their development, giving them regular feedback, developing their autonomy, monitoring individual and collective performance, communicating their vision and taking responsibility for implementing it. In short, new behaviours and ways that are not innate to a leader often need to be learned and developed.


There are also behaviors on which a leader can get stuck by brakes, fears, beliefs about who he is and what he should do and how. Alone, it may be impossible to unblock certain brakes. It is then important to be accompanied in this new stage of development.

In any professional career, it can happen that an individual goes from being a mere performer to a higher level and takes on the responsibility of a team with new responsibilities such as setting collective objectives, managing new interpersonal relationships on a daily basis with the different members of his team and between the members themselves, monitoring performance, team development etc.

These are new responsibilities that bring with them a certain number of questions and doubts. In these moments, it may be appropriate to decide to be accompanied by a coach.


Do you want to know more about our services and our professionals?

With the “Individual Coaching” solution of Becoming Leader, we help you develop your leadership skills in a few sessions with a personal coach, mentor or consultant.

We offer :

  • A course of 6 to 8 coaching sessions,
  • Sessions of 1h00 each,
  • An accompaniment of 3 to 6 months according to the needs,
  • Professionals in training, coaching, and mentoring,
  • Organizational professionals.

The support is flexible according to the diagnosis and the problem and can take the form of coaching, mentoring or consulting.


Support offer:

  • From 150 EUR excl. VAT per session
  • Includes the price of the session without travel.
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