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Under the term “Public”, we understand government administrations, universities, companies with a strong majority of public shareholdings.

It is common knowledge that large institutions such as public and para-public companies show a significant inertia when it comes to change and transformation. Therefore, being a leader in the public sector can be a journey filled with significant disappointment. And yet the mission of these public and semi-public companies is to organize and serve society. Despite the motivating mission of these institutions, for many the reality on the ground is quite different. Developing leadership is nevertheless quite possible.

A leader in the field does not promote the status quo. Quite the contrary. He seeks change, continuous improvement and development of each of his collaborators.

Very often, the public sector is slow in its administrative and decision-making processes. This requires resilience on the part of a leader to get where he or she wants to go. The results of some of his actions may not pay off in the short term. Nevertheless, he can put in place tools and new ways of working that will bring him short-term satisfaction, his “quick wins”, (the tools or ways of behaving that will make a difference quickly) and then build the future by developing a culture conducive to new behaviors and mindsets. At Become a Leader, we bring our expertise through our training and coaching solutions.

Advances and promotions in the public sector are not necessarily things you get through negotiation. It can be a major de-motivating factor. How does the leader keep his team motivated and aligned with his objectives despite the potential disappointment of lack of advancement and promotion? How does he manage the emotions of his troops? Issues related to motivation and stress and emotion management are addressed in our training programs and thematic workshops. These are essential skills for the leader on a daily basis.

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Being a leader in the public sector also sometimes means working for sprawling organizations where, from one department to another, cultures are different.  As a team leader, are you nevertheless aligned with the vision of your company or administration?

What performance management tools should you develop within your team?

How to make this alignment possible. Every organization, whether private or public, has a project whose objectives, activities and performance indicators are aligned at all levels. What expertise should be developed to make this happen? Expertise in managing a high-performing team and expertise in performance management, which is addressed through our program or more specific workshops.

The public sector is no exception to the problems of creating team dynamics. At each phase of the creation of team dynamics, there are very specific issues that require equally specific skills in management, performance management and human interaction.

We train in these skills as part of our leadership development program so that our participants can implement new practices in their professional field, thanks in particular to personalized coaching sessions. Leaders in the public sector are often faced with significant external influences or decisions over which they have no control. Or over which they feel they have no influence? But isn’t there a way to influence decisions?

At Become a Leader, we also address stakeholder management related to any project in our leadership program.

Each sector has its own specificities, its own limiting behaviors and beliefs that may lead to the belief that expressing one’s full potential as a leader is impossible. These are also beliefs that every leader must overcome. Leadership is expressed not only in the meaning you give to your actions but also in  the meaning you give to the collective experience and the way you connect to yourself, your team and your organization.

Leadership is not a private sector affair reserved for the few.

We help you develop your leadership with a well-stocked toolbox and on-the-ground coaching and, above all, we help you build on what you’ve learned. This is the strength of our service proposals. The solutions to your daily leadership challenges are numerous and are addressed by a range of services adapted to your needs.

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