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If we refer to the etymology of the word – as found on the internet – “pharmacy” comes from the ancient Greek “Pharmakon”;, which means a substance altering the nature of a body. “Pharmakon” can then be a poison or a remedy. The etymology of the word “Pharmakon” sheds some light on the meaning of the word since the root “pharma” would mean “hot”, and the root akon would refer to the remedy. Pharmakon would thus designate the hot remedy, the infusion. The etymology of “pharmacy” thus guides us towards “hot remedies”.

The pharmaceutical sector is therefore a sector that researches, develops, manufactures and markets ‘remedies’. It therefore also includes the scientific sector (biology, chemistry and physics), since at the origin of every remedy there is a scientific discovery. It will also include the engineering professions, valuable profiles that allow replicating large-scale research processes and building the necessary infrastructures.

When we talk about the pharmaceutical sector, we are therefore considering all the professions that in one way or another contribute to the success of the pharmaceutical sector.

In this sector, and because we are dealing with the living organism, codes (ethical type) and regulations (GxP type) are present in large numbers and often felt as constraints, whereas their origin is primarily aimed at preserving and protecting the health capital of the final consumer of the remedy (vaccine, drug or commodity product).

The translation of these “codes and regulations” is done internally and translates into a multitude of procedures and guidelines that will ensure that the work is “done right the first time” and that all traces of what is done are kept as proof of compliance with the law.

In recent decades, the pharmaceutical sector has been shaken by the emergence of pharmaceutical industries outside the European and American continents and the arrival of generic manufacturers. In addition, the challenges of digitization, climate preservation, social responsibility and the arrival of new technologies and artificial intelligence mean that the sector is undergoing major changes and transformations.

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The pharmaceutical sector is a demanding sector, which requires combining rigor and discipline with innovation and continuous improvement.

Daily life is punctuated by respect for processes, rigorous documentation, improving the robustness of processes, simplifying flows to enable ever more effective and efficient provision of products and data, responsiveness to stock issues in distribution centers, requests from the authorities and questions or complaints from consumers, implementation of technological and digital innovations, etc. – these are just a small sample of the challenges that employees face on a daily basis.

At the heart of these challenges, however, are the men and women who, every day, devote themselves to the research, development, production and marketing of these remedies.

It often happens that profitability and the management of processes and procedures become the priorities and that the human aspect, the management of emotions and relationships, and the management of development take second place or even end up being somewhat forgotten. The attention of managers is focused on performance (always doing more, faster and with less means) and compliance with procedures (and all that this entails in terms of managing anomalies, problem solving, curative and preventive actions, etc.). And yet….  The human being remains at the heart of the organization: without him/her, no process is set up, no performance is established. Developing leadership as a collaborator in the pharmaceutical sector; , developing leadership as the leader of a team in this sector is therefore an essential element.

Through the “Become a Leader” program , we offer each individual a path that begins with self-discovery, knowledge of one’s strengths and limitations, understanding who one is and how one interacts.

This first step allows them to become anchored in their own mission as a leader within the organization.

Then, by continuing with the discovery of team dynamics, the ingredients that create a high-performing team, as well as organizational perspectives, the individual can then pursue his or her development as a leader, set an example, engage and inspire his or her collaborators and build a truly dynamic and efficient team. The program, which lasts 3 to 4 months, combines group workshops and personalized follow-up to enable each individual to truly approach, work and put into practice the tools and approaches that meet his or her needs and the specific needs of his or her team and company.

Perhaps you are facing a challenge more specific to team dynamics. You have just been appointed team leader and don’t really know how to approach your first days, weeks, months? You realize that your team is in fact a “collection” of individuals working side by side; but that there is no team spirit? Your employees are performing, but you realize that they are no longer all motivated or committed? Team performance could be improved; but you can’t figure out where to start? These themes, addressed in our leadership development program, can be declined either through a more personalized coaching in the short or medium term, or through one or more thematic workshops and team coaching.

Perhaps you tell yourself that your challenge is much larger or broader than this, that you are facing a structural or organizational problem, or that you are considering a real evolution or transformation of your team, department or company. What can you do? How to approach the subject and deal with it? How to ensure that this potential change is well managed? How to invite employees to become actors of their future and draw together the road to transformation? These are just some of the questions that pop into your head. We address the keys to a successful transformation within the “Become a Leader” program and we put our expertise at your service via a medium to long-term personalized coaching adapted to the needs and culture of your organization and/or via a series of workshops to help and guide you along the way.

Whatever your current challenge may be, we are convinced that we can, through our experience and our networks, guide you in the implementation of solutions to your challenges. Feel free to leave us your email address here for any contact request.

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