Charlotte, 27, is a young organizational transformation consultant ...


Charlotte, 27, is a young organizational transformation consultant. She has worked for a large firm for 4 years and has grown very quickly. Brilliant, she is quickly spotted by a client who wants to hire her for her first management position in HR.

She is therefore preparing to manage a team of 5 HR managers in Belgium and a more routine operational dynamic than her first position. She will also work with 5 branch managers who do not appreciate the HR procedures that the head office is trying to impose on them.

She will have to listen to internal voices and find new ways of working to satisfy her hierarchy and internal “clients”.


Charlotte, despite her fine experience as a junior consultant, is not equipped enough for an operational position. Too theoretical, she risks being “burned” very quickly and will have a hard time establishing her credibility with her stakeholders and internal customers.

Very structured and well versed in analytical work, she risks being destabilized by the multiple and varied crises that will have to be met every day. Emotionally, she will probably have a hard time dealing with this new pressure with a go-getter personality who likes quick results.

The Solution « Becoming Leader »

With “Becoming Leader,” we support Charlotte to help her take her first steps in a support manager role.

She has great needs to better understand herself, to adapt her style and thus find best how to develop synergies and other virtuous collaborations. With organizational change skills, she needs to be more able to analyze internal processes to know where opportunities for improvement are to increase the engagement and performance of operational teams and be able to challenge their management.

  • By following our “self” module, she will open up to her own strengths / leadership opportunities to better manage them and set up virtuous dynamics with her stakeholders and adapt her techniques of influence.
  • Then with the “Team” module, we will help her take a step forward in the remote management of her new team and quickly draw on the accumulated experience of her 5 HR managers.
  • Finally, the organizational module will help her understand and analyze operational processes as closely as possible. As a result, Charlotte will be equipped very quickly to have deep conversations about real internal problems because she will have learned to make a good diagnostic and to have captured and synthesized the various voices of the customers.
  • Between each module, we will accompany her on the ground at her request to give her practical support during her integration phase in her new role and her first victories at the hands of her internal clients. We will help her think, structure and act where it will make the most impact on her and her teams and stay at her disposal for as long as necessary to make a difference.

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