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Becoming Leader’s mission is to help leaders develop their teams and their organizations through services adapted to the needs of each client organization in order to help these teams and organisations to grow. Becoming Leader is already present in a number of sectors of activity listed below.

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Leadership sectors


The last decades have shaken the pharmaceutical sector through the emergence of pharmaceutical industries outside the European and American continents and the arrival of generic manufacturers. In addition, the challenges of digitization, climate preservation, social responsibility and the arrival of new technologies and artificial intelligence mean that the sector is undergoing major changes and transformations.

At the heart of these challenges are men and women who, every day, devote themselves to the research, development, production and marketing of these remedies.

Leadership sectors


The financial sector is characterized by a high degree of technicality in accounting, financial, tax or banking matters, for example. Hardskills and processes play an important role. It is essential for leaders in this sector to keep abreast of the latest legal developments. Balancing technicality and team management is a daily challenge for leaders in the financial sector.

Leadership sectors


The leader in the public sector must deal with a multitude of constraints specific to this sector. These include, for example, budget constraints governed by the principle of annuality, constraints related to public procurement, constraints related to the absence of extrinsic motivators for advancement or sometimes mobility, or constraints related to regular policy changes. It is therefore necessary for the leader operating in this sector to sharpen his techniques and methods of self-management, team management and change and performance management.


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