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Understanding what motivates a leader, demotivates him/her, pushes him/her to act and decide.

Les challenges du leadership.

Understanding what motivates a leader, demotivates him, pushes him to act and decide.

A team leader may have been a leader for a few years thinking that he/she knows his role inside out, but he/she may have doubts and no longer be satisfied with the way he/she leads his/her team and its objectives. He/she may feel that they are repeating the same mistakes and falling on the same pitfalls. He/she gives the same solutions to his/her problems without being convinced of the relevance of the solution. How can he/she change his/her perspective on his/her situation? Is it a problem of self-knowledge? Is it a lack of tools in managing his/her team? Is it a question of aligning his/her vision with that of his/her organization?

Receiving feedback on his/her performance is a normal practice of the organization. A leader receives feedback from superiors and peers. What if the leader does not understand some of the feedback he or she receives, but understands that it is still acceptable and justified? Is this due to a lack of self-awareness? Would it be appropriate for him/her to get to know himself/herself better to facilitate understanding of the feedback and to broaden his/her range of skills and behaviors?

Understanding what motivates a leader,  demotivates him or her, pushes him or her to act and decide is part of self-knowledge. Being aware of one’s intrinsic resources, of one’s blockages, allows the leader to put his leadership abilities into perspective in his/her context and to modify them in order to call upon new behaviors and states of mind, levers for change and performance.

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At Becoming Leader, self-knowledge (understanding what motivates a leader, demotivates him or her, pushes him or her to act and decide) is the foundation of learning in the leadership development program.

We begin the development path with a personality test developed by the Institute of Neurocognitivism and the Institute of Environmental Medicine. It goes to the heart of a leader’s motivations and values.

It lifts the veil on the behaviors that bring him/her a lot of serenity and those that on the contrary are subject to develop a medium or high level of stress.

We also talk about the level of self-confidence and confidence in others. Finally, the adaptability profile, i.e. how, in a stressful situation, the participant adapts. What are the resource dimensions to manage this stress? And what are the dimensions to be developed in order to find a form of serenity even more easily.

Self-knowledge also involves a journey to the heart of beliefs and self-blame that hinder the expression of one’s full potential as a leader.

A leader’s professional life is paved with challenges and difficult situations that can trigger significant stress. With what personal resources can we reverse the situation and manage this professional stress? How to act appropriately to regain calm and serenity and make the best decisions?

In the daily exercise of his responsibilities, a leader manages a team whose talents and behaviors are a patchwork of different ways of functioning and sometimes at the antipodes of his own. A leader’s role is to influence and lead his/her team towards autonomy and performance.

Understanding what motivates him/her, what drives him/her to act and decide allows him/her to take a step back from his/her automatic behaviors and to develop the most appropriate behaviors and states of mind in each situation.

At Becoming Leader, we invite leaders to dare this introspection and self-knowledge and we facilitate the implementation in the field of your new leadership tools and behaviors.

The Becoming Leader team, with 75 years of experience in the corporate world, is committed to equipping leaders with the right tools and helping them adapt these tools to your professional context.

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The challenges of leadership

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We help leaders to understand what motivates them, what makes them act or decide through several types of service offering solutions and in particular through:

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  • Individual coaching where the participant works with an individual coach.
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