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Give feedback effectively

As a leader, you give direction and choose the people who will enable you to put your strategy into practice. Even if you think you’ve chosen the right people for your project, sometimes they may not yet be up to speed, need to develop their skills, or have difficulty adapting to new ways of working. This is normal.

But your goal remains the same: to deliver quality work on time. What do you do when you realize that the team or a team member is not performing according to pre-defined criteria? In such situations, there is a very useful tool: feedback.

Feedback is a very powerful tool that, when used properly, allows everyone to know where they are in the progress of their work. More specifically, this tool allows you to communicate to your employees what they are doing well as well as what they could improve.

And every human being needs to know that what they are doing makes sense. Even more so, every employee needs to know if what they are doing is going in the right direction and if not, how to correct their work to get there. Moreover, giving feedback, whatever it may be, is an integral part of the manager’s job, let alone the leader’s job.

However, few managers and leaders give feedback. What are the reasons for this? They range from “I don’t have the time” to “I don’t feel comfortable giving one”. And that’s the trap: not giving regular feedback to a member of your team can have serious consequences. Indeed, how many employees are surprised to discover during their year-end evaluation that all the work they have done in the last 365 days does not reach the required level, or even worse, that it is far below the pre-requisites? After the shock, the employee feels demotivated, depressed and performs even less well than before… yet you have a real need: that the people with whom you collaborate carry out the project or mission they have accepted and allow you to put into practice the strategy that has been validated.

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How can you avoid or get out of this disaster scenario? By disciplining yourself to give feedback every day. Of course, giving feedback can be learned. If you are not used to giving feedback, start by giving reinforcing feedback to someone who has done something worthwhile.

This positive feedback will allow the person you are giving it to realize that they are working well and that you have noticed their work. This will encourage them to continue and motivate them to do their best. On the other hand, don’t fall into the trap of giving positive feedback followed immediately by developmental feedback. Why not?

The person will only keep the corrective feedback, which they do not do well, and forget that there was something positive in what they have already undertaken. Also think about where and when you give feedback. If it is positive, do it quickly.

If it is developmental or corrective feedback, avoid giving it in a stairwell or virtual meeting in front of everyone. Choose the time and place. Also make sure that your feedback is supported by facts that you have personally observed and not on rumors.

Finally, in this case, also ask the person if he or she agrees that you should give developmental feedback. If not, plan a time together when you are both comfortable.

There is nothing worse than giving feedback to someone who is not ready to hear it. You risk pointing the finger at the person and jeopardizing the progress of your project.

At Becoming Leader, we train you in the acquisition and practice of these skills and we facilitate the implementation in the field of your new leadership tools and behaviors.


The Becoming Leader team, with 75 years of experience in the business world, is committed to giving leaders the right tools, helping them make a difference in the field with these tools and allowing them to develop their full leadership potential.

The Becoming Leader team has experience with all the tools and processes it passes on to its clients. This learning is also an opportunity to share the team’s experience and that of other participants on the implementation of these tools in the field.

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We address the issue of how to provide effective feedback in several types of services which are:

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  • A specific workshop if it is appropriate.
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