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Micro-entrepreneurs and start-ups

Creating a start-up, becoming a micro-entrepreneur, initially brings you a wind/breath of freedom, a tenfold increase in creativity. You are fully committed to your project, ideas are flowing and you don’t count your days or hours.

Then, at some point, your project is ready and you come out of your bubble to present your great idea to the world.

That’s when you are confronted for the first time with the challenge of any micro-entrepreneur: you can’t manage everything by yourself. Even Robinson Crusoe on his desert island wasn’t alone: he had Friday to help him. And who do you have to help you?

Who says help, says distribution of tasks, explanations, confrontations, follow-up, tests, production start-up…

The actions are numerous and the hours in a day are limited. Just like the help you can receive.

How can you get others to help you get your project on track?

How can you be sure that the work provided corresponds to your quality criteria?

Challenges abound for a micro-entrepreneur and being in the oven and the mill at the same time works for a while, but not over time. In order not to exhaust yourself before you reach the finish line, you need to get people involved in your project, encourage them to give the best of themselves while respecting deadlines, managing different personalities, resolving conflicts, solving   problems etc.

Do you want to know more about our services and our professionals?

At Becoming Leader, we partner with micro-entrepreneurs and help them professionalize their leadership practices. We teach them how to define their mission, cascade their objectives, and supervise them. We also show them how to hire and manage their collaborators, whether they are freelancers or just friends, as well as how to monitor the performance. Finally, we train them to speak a simple, human and efficient language with the people involved in their projects.

You have just created your start-up and you want to get your project finished by the deadline  you have set? We help you develop your full leadership potential through a wide range of services.

We offer you our leadership development training path, a unique and innovative training where you will also be accompanied on the ground to implement your skills. We can also guide you through individual coaching. You can also opt for our thematic solutions or long-term coaching. Feel free to leave us your questions and contact information. Whatever your challenge, we may have a tailored solution.


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