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Guiding leaders thru their personal growth or their teams’ and their organizations’ is the mission of becoming Leader. To this end, Becoming Leader offers various services related to this mission.

The services offered can be adapted to the specific needs of each organization.

The four founding members of the Becoming Leader team have the expertise to offer their clients quality coaching.

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You are a team leader or in the process of becoming one. You have clearly identified your development and performance objectives. These objectives have been identified in a less than precise manner hence are still abstract and you need individual support on how to achieve them. The Devenez Leader coach will help you articulate and implement the “how to get there” while ensuring that the objectives are really those that are important to you.



A conference on a leadership topic is an ideal way to engage your employees in rich and deep conversations about your organizational, team or personal practices as a leader. Devenez Leader listens to your needs in order to provide you with the content best suited to your requirements.


3 month or 6 month coaching

Self-awareness, emotional management, conflict management, feedback, coaching, performance management, change management (among other areas) are among the competencies of the Becoming Leader team. The Becoming Leader team can accompany leaders or teams to develop the soft skills that organizations have identified as key competencies. The Becoming Leader team offers long-term coaching adapted to your specific needs.


Becoming leader Leardership program

A statistic reveals that on average, it takes four years for managers or leaders to have access to some kind of training that can help them perform their role serenely. Four years is a long time. And very often, the program only addresses part of the challenges of these managers and leaders. The Becoming Leader leadership program is a holistic program that works on three levels: the individual, the team and the organization. The program is designed to modify the individual’s skills and know-how in line with the needs of him/her, his/her team and his/her organization.


One-Day training

The field of leadership is vast and the tools for developing leadership are numerous. The Becoming Leader team is ready to listen to your wishes and needs and to offer you one-day training workshops among employees of the same team, among managers or leaders, etc. Self-awareness, emotional management, conflict management, feedback, coaching, performance management, change management are some of the skills of the Devenez Leader team.



 According to Wikipedia the definition of mentoring is as follows: Mentoring is an interpersonal relationship of support, exchange and learning, in which an experienced person invests his or her acquired wisdom and expertise to foster the development of another person who has skills to acquire and professional goals to achieve. A mentoring relationship is different from a coaching relationship in that there is a sharing of expertise. The Becoming Leader team offers mentoring, another type of personalized support for leadership development.

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