Jean-Marc, 37 years old, manager for 7 years in the technical department of an industrial maintenance company ...


William, 45 years old, has been working for 10 years in the creative department of a multinational company and was promoted to Director of Marketing Europe 6 months ago. Although William is brilliant and very creative, he is also someone with a strong character who has difficulty managing his interpersonal relationships with both his hierarchy and his colleagues.

He used to manage a small team of 3 people in his home country and now is to manage a department of 12 people from all over Europe. He is responsible for the company’s new digital strategy for the whole of Europe (15 countries) and also has to align with the marketing departments in each country.


Out of his 12 employees, half of them only want to communicate with him by e-mail, 2 others are in burn out and 3 others are applying internally to work in other departments.

William is a marketing and strategy expert. But today he is expected to manage an inter-cultural team and act as a people manager. Quite a challenge for this expert who doesn’t understand that other people can have other opinions and who is not used to listening to other people’s opinions and taking into account different views.

William is a visionary in his field of expertise, but he is not able to listen to others, sell his ideas to other departments and inspire his employees to give their best. If he doesn’t change the way he manages his team and communicates with other departments, William will be fired.

The “Becoming Leader” Solution

With the complete “Becoming Leader” program, we support William and help him take up his new challenge by making him aware of his strengths and areas for improvement in terms of management and leadership.

As an operational expert, William needs to acquire interpersonal skills in order to become an inspiring and motivating leader for his team as well as for the other departments he works with.

  • By following our Self module, he will discover his values, his supportive and limiting beliefs. He will also learn how to communicate more effectively and create trusting relationships with the people he interacts with at a professional level.
  • Then with the Team module, we will help him take a step forward in the management of this new team and adapt his leadership style in order to find the right balance between performance management and empowerment – team autonomy for the changes to come.
  • Finally, the Organization module will help him understand how to work with all the internal and external partners who will have to support him and help him achieve his goals. He will learn how to make a good transformational diagnosis and how to help his teams adopt it. He will understand how to create ownership of his projects both within his team and in other departments. He will learn the modern working methods of performance management and project management to create transparency, increase the detection of problems and help solve them.
  • Between each module, we will coach him in the field at his request and thus give him the support he needs to integrate his new management style and implement his projects with confidence. We will help him to think, structure and act where it will make the most impact for him and his teams and will remain at his disposal as long as necessary to make the difference.

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