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Prerequisite: Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader is a professional training program in leadership. of OSICS SRL- Sijsjeslaan 3 – 3080 Tervuren – Belgium – VAT BE 0502.764.658 and is also a trade name by which OSICS manifests itself.


This document applies to all training courses offered by Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader, and to any order form relating to a training of OSICS SRL. Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader has the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time: the new conditions will apply to any new order, regardless of the previous relationship between Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader and the client. The signature of an order implies the customer’s unreserved adherence to the present terms and conditions: the customer undertakes to respect them. The customer acknowledges, prior to signing the order, that he or she has read and understood the terms and conditions of the order, he was provided with enough information and has ensured the adequacy of the training to his or her needs. The order form signed by the customer is valid as a contract between the customer and OSICS SRL, defining everyone’s rights and obligations. The order is considered firm and final upon payment of a deposit (even partial) or a first invoice, which is binding on the customer. Any individual customer not acting in a professional capacity has a right of withdrawal of 14 calendar days from the date of signature. Becoming Leader / Become a Leader reserves the right to exclude from any training at any time any participant who do not respect the present conditions or whose behaviour would interfere with the smooth running of the training.

Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader also reserves the right to refuse any registration from a client for legitimate and non-discriminatory reasons, and, in particular, to refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over the payment of a previous order.


The price of the training courses is indicated on each order form in euros and excluding taxes. Unless otherwise stated, even if the customer is a company, the registration is made to the name of a person (participant) indicated on the order form. 

The contractual advance payment of 20% of the total amount of the program chosen must be paid upon signing the order form (or placing an order online) must be paid by the customer on the Becoming Leader / Becoming Leader account IBAN BE60 0689 3633 5670. The deposit paid is never refundable unless the customer has validly made use of his right of withdrawal; in this case, the costs incurred by Becoming Leader / Becoming Leader on the occasion of payment by the customer (e.g. Paypal, Visa, bank, etc.) and those related to preparation (personality test etc.) will be deducted from the reimbursement. All invoices of Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader are due in full, without delay: any delay of payment will entail the application of interest on late payment at the rate of 12% per month and a penalty clause equal to 10% of the amount of, with a minimum of 250 Euros excl. VAT. Participation in a training course will only be allowed only if the customer has paid in full for all orders placed for Becoming Leader /Devenez Leader at OSICS SRL before the start of the programme.


Any training ordered must be paid for, even in the event that the customer cancels participation during the programme or is absent for all or part of the modules: in this case, the amounts paid will be retained by Becoming Leader /Devenez Leader and any balance will remain due without Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader being required to offer another service as a replacement. In the event that the client wishes to postpone his participation in a training, he will have to notify Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader at least 30 days before the date of the training to which he originally signed up. Failing this, participation in the same course given on a given date will be accepted by Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader, depending on availability, by means of prior payment of administrative fees of 250€ excl. VAT; these fees will not be due in case of force majeure justified by a medical certificate, a police report or a report of a road accident. All training that is not followed within the maximum time limit specified at the time of the order is lost, unless requested to extend this period for a maximum of 12 months against payment of fees of €250 excl. VAT; these fees will not be due in the event of unavailability justified by a medical certificate, a police report or an accident report.


Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader reserves the right to change the dates of a training course. Becoming Leader /Devenez Leader also reserves the right to modify the location of its proceedings within a 30 km radius around the originally planned location.

In case the new location or date is not suitable, the customer will be offered the choice between the participation in another edition of the same training course and cancellation for a refund without charge from the deferred training.


In the event that the client applies for a subsidy from certain authorities that require payment of the training after the subsidy is granted, Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader will invoice him or her for the training courses and will credit the guarantees. As soon as the customer has paid the training invoices, Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader will immediately repay the credit note on the guarantees. In the event that forbearance of the subsidy would require an intervention of Becoming Leader / Become a Leader writing contracts or reports, a fixed fee of 300€ excl. VAT will be invoiced to the customer, payable before any participation in the training courses.


Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader par OSICS SRL owns the intellectual property rights to all its products, training courses and the documents that are delivered as part of the training courses; no copy of the content or any other image or video or post on social networks of the trainings will not be diffused without written agreement from Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader. This also applies to any other form of reproduction and of diffusion.

The customer accepts that Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader uses all images (photos and videos) taken by Becoming Leader / Become a Leader during training courses, including those in which the client, for its training, communication and advertising needs. This right of use is granted without limitation, either in time or in the number of reproductions and uses, and for all countries. The customer agrees not to oppose a graphic adaptation of the photos that represent him/her necessary for their exploitation and which is not such as to affect his honour or which is carried out in a manner that does not prejudice his personal integrity.


Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader will process customer data in accordance with its Privacy Policy protection of privacy. This Privacy Policy is available at the following address:

OSICS srl, Sijsjeslaan 3, 3080 Tervuren


The Client agrees to treat as confidential and therefore not to copy, adapt, modify or disclose to any other third party any information or material provided to it in the course of the training professional event organized by Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader and which would include information about Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader or its business, organization, working methods, work processes, and know-how, its customers, programs or products.


Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader is under no obligation to achieve results. Therefore, Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader cannot be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies or errors in good faith in the training programmes it organises, nor of the consequences that these could have for the client.

The responsibility of Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader can never be engaged in case of error, omission or inaccuracy in the documents provided to the client in connection with the training programmes followed by the latter, as well as for everything that is said orally within the framework of these training programmes training.

Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader does not guarantee that the training programs offered correspond to the needs of the client, who is solely responsible for his choice.

Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader will not be held responsible for personal injury or property damage to the customer, except for those caused by serious misconduct or fraud on his part in the organization or content of the training program. Under no circumstances Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader shall have no obligation or liability for consequential damages, in particular the liability of Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader can never be engaged in the loss of income, loss of profits, loss of savings, loss of data or loss of objects suffered by the customer or co-contractors of this one.

In any case, as long as the responsibility of Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader is established, the liability of Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader will be limited to an amount equal to the price of the paid training taken by the customer.


Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader will not be liable to the customer in connection with the training for any damage or loss that may be sustained by the client as a result of any loss or damage that may be suffered by the circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including, without limitation, any force majeure, power outages, computer virus, fire, computer crime, strike, riot, war, operation military or government decision, but this list is not exhaustive.


Any dispute relating to the training programmes and the contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels which will apply Belgian law.

“Becoming Leader / Devenez Leader” by OSICS SRL 

Address : Sijsjeslaan 3 – 3080 Tervuren – Belgium – VAT BE 0502.764.658

Version updated to 2020-02-01

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