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We are used to thinking about leadership as being the exclusive prerogative of big companies management. Yet, it appears that developing the assets of a good leader, however small, medium-sized or large the company might be, is crucial.

In small and medium-sized organizations, the leader is the one who inspires, who is usually the creator or co-creator of the vision and missions of the organization. He or she is closest to his or her clients, products or services, and teams. He or she is generally a conductor who will ensure the simplicity and fluidity of operations, whether they are commercial, production, research or all support services.

Leadership is the product of an engaging personality associated with a strength of conviction allowing to train others on ambitious projects.

Jean-François Rial

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Within larger structures, the leader is the one who inspires, who is generally the ‘translator’ of the global strategy into vision and mission for his/her organization, department and team. He/She is the guarantor of the fluidity of operations within his/her department and of interactions with other departments.

Regardless of the size of the organization, the business leader faces the same challenges: creating a climate of trust and performance, uniting his teams around a vision, developing talent, growing his organization (totally or partially) and the people that make it up.

One might think that one industry or company is unique and doesn’t compare to the others, as the challenges are multiple and complex, and as they vary from one structure to another, from one organization to another, depending on the situation of growth or decline.

And yet, all companies and industries have one factor in common which is dealing with human persons in a variety of versions: The human person with his/her potential, his/her talents, his/her convictions, his/her beliefs, the human person in a team, encountering problems, facing successes or errors, etc.

Human relations are at the heart of a company . We all face the same challenges and difficulties such as defining (or cascading) the vision, missions, values and objectives, short and medium term business planning, performance management and decision making, standardizing and simplifying processes, problem solving and conflict management, change management, etc.

At Becoming Leader, we support all companies, whether small, medium or large, from all industry sectors. We are committed to helping develop the most important capital – people – by continuously improving leadership practices.

Depending on your situation, your business maturity and your needs, we will provide the keys to address your challenges. We will also teach you how to engage with your teams and manage your teams or organization as well as monitor the performance. We show you the ropes to address your teams in a simple, human and effective language.

Supporting hierarchical leaders or matrix leaders (in project mode), with a view to developing their full leadership potential remains our prevailing goal.

The paths are multiple and varied, such as :

  • Our “Becoming Leader” coaching, a unique and innovative formula where you will also be supported in your work environment.
  • Personalized support through individual coaching, individual mentoring
  • A collective work at the level of team dynamics (you and your team)
  • An experience on a particular theme
  • Longer-term support

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal to help you ensure that each person in your company, your industry – small, medium or large – fully expresses his leadership, an essential factor of personal and organizational success.

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